Friday, August 9, 2013

Inauguration / Joey Molina's ¡Viva La Mixtape!


Keeping up with emerging musicians is hard. Letting the world know about them is even harder.

Although they do provide a way to share content from upcoming artists, social media sites don't allow me to provide a collection of new music in a clean and simple manner. Instead of working through these complex (and overwhelming) channels, I'm going to be using Future Supreme instead.

In order to make the presentation of content as efficient as possible, I'll be tweaking the design and layout of this blog in the coming weeks. With a more streamlined and minimalist approach I'm hoping to show the world my discoveries better than ever. This is going to be interesting.

Joey Molina's ¡Viva La Mixtape!

To start off Future Supreme with a bang, I'm going to be sharing Joey Molina's ¡Viva La Mixtape!available on his bandcamp for free.

I might deliver a more sophisticated review later on, but at the moment I'm just not able to fully describe the sounds on this album. Viva is an absolute beast of a tape; a diverse experience that sources a tremendous range of genres.

The collection lifts off with Hello..., a spacey, trillwave experience that sets a magnificent tone for the musical trip. In the next track, Joey returns back to Earth, delivering a rich and jazzy mashup between Nas and Amy Winehouse. This World is one of a couple remixes on Viva that pit East Coast lyricism against production from Mr. Molina.

Jumping ahead to the fourth beat, This Reeling explodes with incredible trillwave force. Joey lets loose with deep, pounding bass, allowing the synth-heavy soundscape to become enveloped in a roaring trance. This Reeling is my personal favorite from Viva specifically for the reason that it's just so powerful. It hits hard in the beginning, and again halfway through, and again in the final throbbing notes. An absolutely massive sound that could easily become Joey's signature style.

Shift a couple tracks forward to So Souldful and this time it's Jay-Z who comes up against the refreshing production of Joey Molina. Loud claps and triumphant blasts make this another highlight of the mixtape.

Viva closes with the appropriately named track Goodbye..., a mellow continuation of the orbital sounds first heard in Hello. Slowed and chopped vocals float atop punches of guitar and percussion, finally settling down with reassuring softness.

With ¡Viva La Mixtape!, Joey has pulled the listener to another dimension, a unique musical universe that begs to be explored in the future.

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